Ashley Keefe is a fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle coach dedicated to helping others feel AWESOME in their own skin.

Hey! I’m Ashley, a fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle coach dedicated to helping YOU feel awesome in your own skin.   I am also the proud mama bear of an incredible yoga studio that just celebrated its 10th birthday! My baby is growing up!


I am a complete travel addict and find thrill in exploring the world around me.  I’m also a BIG time learning nerd because I believe that to stop learning is to stop living.   

I grew up in the heart of the city of Montreal but I’ve got a little bit of a country girl inside of me.  


I became a spin instructor and personal trainer in my first year of university because moving my body was an instrumental part of my healing from an eating disorder that had me hospitalized at the age of 16.  When I found a combination of weight lifting, cardio AND yoga, I finally got a sense of what it feels like to be strong, confident and comfortable in my own skin.


I am a lover of coffee and a spicy red wine.  I am addicted to maple syrup #iamcanadian! I love the sunshine and ocean but also love the snow and mountains.  


I love a good night out on the town but I also love to cozy up in front of the fire with a good book and chill.  Most of all I am inspired to share my story and strategies to live best in your body so that you feel vibrant, awake and alive!  I am here for you!


Now your turn – tell me, what do YOU love – your favorite food, place to travel, thing to do, books to learn from…I want to learn more about what makes you excited!  Email me at