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3 Steps to Accomplish Your Next Big Project

Last week on the blog, I laid out some of my FAVORITE productivity hacks that give you more time to do the things you love.

This week, we’re applying the tips from my interview with Alyssa Coleman and breaking your big project into 3 steps so that you can accomplish your next goal.

Whether you’re launching something for your business or making new lifestyle changes, apply these simple steps whenever you’re inspired to take action on your next entrepreneurial adventure!


Make a Master List

Begin by making a master list of everything that needs to be done. When it comes to writing it down, don’t hold back. This is the perfect time to get out every little thing that’s been floating around in your head without judgement. In this step, don’t worry about things that seem unimportant. We’ll organize those thoughts and make sense of everything next.

Early this year, I was dreaming of the perfect space in my backyard to hang with friends and work by the pool. After scouring Pinterest for #alltheideas, I quickly wrote down everything I thought I needed to do no matter how small or weird they might be.


Follow the Path of Least Resistance

When it comes to planning projects, it’s easy to get in our own way and overcomplicate things. After you’ve decided everything that needs to be done, figure out the quickest way to get there.

Which items on your master list are you being unrealistic about? Which things can you cross out, delegate, or save for later? For example, If your project is booking 3 new clients, sometimes booking out is as simple as emailing a handful of friends who might be interested.

Bring awareness to your list making. Slow down, connect with your why (check out this post for 3 easy ways), and be intentional about whatever you’re about to do. You don’t always need a perfect website, a huge social media following, or another certification before you tackle the next project on your list.


Use a Calendar

When you’ve brought awareness to your list and have delegated or crossed out things that aren’t in your court, order your list items by level of priority and schedule everything into a calendar.

Be realistic about how much time each list item will take and consider what’s already happening in your life. I’m the first to get excited about something new and try launching a blog, binge reading all the latest anatomy updates, running multiple businesses and travelling coast to coast all in one day then quit because I’m completely overwhelmed halfway through the project. Using a calendar to realistically plan out how and WHEN I’ll do each task has been a total life changer for me.

When you break them down, big projects or resolutions can actually be simple and accessible. Apply these steps as you plan your next project and you’ll be movin’ and groovin’ before you know it!


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