How to Choose the Healthy Lifestyle That's Right For You |

How to Choose the Healthy Lifestyle That’s Right For You

When it comes to health, fitness, and lifestyle most of us operate in extremes.

We’re either so overwhelmed with information that we never start OR we’re going full tilt and feeling like it’s never enough.

So how the heck do we find balance, avoid consuming ALL the information out there (and feeling overwhelmed as a result), and actually choose a lifestyle that’s right for us?

Whelp, the hard truth is that path to health and wellness is a customized journey (more on that later) BUT there ARE some simple ways ANYONE can take their health more seriously and navigate this world of extremes with greater ease. In this post, I’ve included my top 3 tools for doing just that!


Practice Self Awareness

You’ll hear me say this over and over again but any health or lifestyle goal you want to achieve must begin with the mind. Period.

When I was recovering from an eating disorder, I’d been hospitalized, I wasn’t in the best shape, and I went from one end of the spectrum to the other. Sometimes I worked out multiple times a day, taking 90 minutes spin classes, 90 minute yoga classes, and lifting weights.

When I reflect on my story, I realize that I was severely disconnected from my why. My anxiety fueled both my eating disorder and my workouts and I was motivated by a need to lose weight and be skinny. Another hard truth – sometimes we trick ourselves into thinking our motivations are more healthy/virtuous/etc. than they really are. Without checking in, we run from the TRUTH.

When you’re at this stage in life, whether you’re recovering from illness or making any other kind of lifestyle shift, tune in to how you want to feel and what you really need.

When I took the time to reflect, I realized I wanted to feel strong in my body and achieve peace of mind – neither of which could be achieved by my previous lifestyle. It was time for a big change.

Take time to reconnect with your why, practice self compassion, and make health decisions from a place that has your highest good in mind.


Play and Explore

While choosing and adapting your lifestyle IS very serious business, the process of becoming healthier can actually be LOTS of fun.

As you explore different health and fitness options, BE ADVENTUROUS! If you hate lifting weights alone in the gym, try a class where other people are learning with you. If you like dancing, go to a dance workout. I freaking LOVE going to zumba or my Saturday morning step class. For me, it’s an opportunity to move and self express that feels fun!

Bottom line, you have to enjoy it or you won’t show up for yourself. There’ll be days when motivation wanes and you won’t want to go, so it’s essential that you chose something that will light you up.


Sample the Field

With so much fitness, nutrition, and mindset information out there, it’s SO easy to get overwhelmed with information. On the other hand, you can dive into a program, make a time or $$ commitment, then realize it’s not a great fit for you.

That’s why I’m bringing over 20 experts together in a daily video series to share their own tools and strategies that will help you take your health journey to the NEXT LEVEL.

Consider this your FREE sampler platter of all things fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness so you can figure out the lifestyle changes that are right for you WITHOUT having to invest tons of time and money into another program that might not work.


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