How to Get Back On Track When You're Feeling Overwhelmed |

How to Get Back On Track When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed

In my 6 month group coaching program, we’ve taken a 360 degree look everything it takes to fuel your journey while riding the rollercoaster that is entrepreneurship.

We’ve talked about things like productivity and planning a healthier lifestyle so we can stay connected to our why and sustainably create the lives and businesses we want.

But how do we get back on track when we run into road bumps?

I believe it’s INCREDIBLY important to have an action plan for when things get tough.

I was honored to interview Sharon Stokes and share some of her tips for recognizing when we need self care the most (if you feel called, use this post along with Sharon’s free Shedding Thought Layers Exercise) and what to do when things aren’t always as smooth as we expect.

Here are some of the highlights from our conversation:


Recognize Your Gaslight

A big part of taking care of yourself is actually being able to tell when you need a break, and what it is that is draining you. Like the gaslight in a car, when our minds or bodies start to send signals that we’re running low on energy, we can’t just keep driving. What good would running out of juice and being unable to move forward do us? Self-care is vital to not only your health, but also to your business!

You’ll know if your gaslight is on by routinely checking in with yourself, especially during hectic seasons of your life. Are you feeling stressed or overworked most of the time? Have you not been getting enough sleep? By just confronting the fact that there is an imbalance between work and your personal life, you’ve already made a big step in the right direction.

Try to go through your schedule and find what it was that initially threw you off. Anytime you start to feel overwhelmed or triggered, list everything that’s currently weighing on your mind. When there’s so much happening (especially in the fast-paced world of entrepreneurship), it’s important to clear the clutter in our heads. Beside each of these things, put a number next to the immediate importance (1 being low and 10 being high). This will help you decide what’s really important and what doesn’t require your immediate attention.


Dig Deeper Into What’s Triggering You

As soon as you notice your gas light come on (this is when you’re feeling overworked, stressed, anxious, etc.) check in with yourself and dig into what’s happening.

Recognizing what your biggest stressors are arms you with helpful information that you can use to guide you as you move through your personal journey. When you start to recognize thought patterns and common triggers, things become a little more tangible and you can start to explore what it would feel like to let go of those patterns.


Create a Self Care Response

Now that you know how to spot your gaslight and what triggers it, create a self care routine that you can tap into the moment your gas light comes on.  What makes you feel better? How can you let go in the situation? When your trigger presents itself, what message could you tell yourself instead of reaching for your old, negative thought patterns? Maybe it’s time to rewrite your story and break the cycle.

Sharon offered a great perspective change during our interview that I found very helpful for flipping the script on our unproductive patterns. She said, “I like to think of things happening for me rather than to me.”  When we can shift our perspectives, we can truly create a better reality for ourselves.

If you’re looking for more help about creating a self care routine that works for you, check out this post for some awesome resources.


As someone who wears many hats and has helped start multiple businesses, I get it.

Sometimes entrepreneurship can be an overwhelming journey and I’m the first to admit that if I didn’t have me time, everything would fall apart. 

Don’t be afraid to schedule non-negotiable time for yourself and FILL your tank so that you’ll have even more to give to others. You totally deserve it!


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