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Hack Your Energy and Increase Performance

Hack Your Energy and Increase Performance | AshleyKeefe.comWhen it comes to making any fitness, nutrition, or mindset shift, the most common barriers for making change are: time and energy.

The irony of this is that once you make the initial investment in your wellness, energy and performance (which leads to having more time) all improve.

But how do we get over that initial investment when it still feels like we have too much to do and not enough energy to do it?

That’s exactly what Devin Burke, our expert from today’s Transform Your Fitness video interview, is tackling.


Make the Time

This mindset shift is fundamental to making any lifestyle change stick. Devin says, “if you don’t have the time, you have to make the time.”

One way to make this commitment easier, is by getting a clear understanding of what it’s costing you now. What does this cost you and the people around you? In what ways can making improvements to your health and performance help you?

Once you’ve tackled your mindset, the next two tips will help you lay a simple (but solid) foundation to improve your energy performance and set yourself up for success.



Take Energy Breaks

Every 45 minutes, get up and MOVE YOUR BODY!

This seems so simple, but taking a short break at regular intervals will make a massive difference at the end of the day. Choose to go for walk, do some breathing exercises, meditate, drink water, etc. and this will be a gamechanger for your energy levels.

Want to stop feeling burnt out at the end of the day? Wanna kill that 3pm energy dip? Take energy breaks.


Plan Ahead

Again, this small but mighty change will have a HUGE impact on the amount of time and energy you have throughout your day.

When it comes to food, you don’t have to do a massive food prep BUT at the very least, have an idea for what you’re gonna eat and when. Make this a priority by setting aside plenty of time for meals, slow down, and chew your food thoroughly (for more info on the benefits of this, check out this post on the 4 C’s).

One way I put this tip to action is by making 3 or 4 salads so that when it’s time to eat, all I have to do is add the toppings and I’ve got my greens for the day! Another option is to subscribe to your local grocery delivery service. With just a small amount of planning, you can save yourself so much time and feel so much better.


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