The Four Cs of Healthy Eating and Brain Function |

The Four Cs of Healthy Eating and Brain Function

In the entrepreneurial adventure guide group coaching program, we’re talking about eating our way to better health and making healthy living accessible (as it should be!)

This is a BIG topic but I’m determined to show you just how easy it is for us to make simple changes that drastically improve our overall health.

When it comes to healthy eating and brain function, I could nerd out ALL day. So I brought in guest expert and friend, Dr. Kristijana Rakic (you can check out her blog here) to give us the inside scoop on the relationship between our brains and food.

Here’s a small but mighty peak into our interview!


The Four Cs: Choose, Chew, Chill, and Cherish

Brain and gut health are interrelated. Digestion actually begins in the brain.

Take time to sit down, enjoy your food and actually take time to absorb the nutrients. 80% decrease in absorption when you’re stressed.

Think about how you are consuming your food. Think about the environment in which you eat.

The four C’s provide a simple baseline that will set you up to make sure you’re actually digesting and absorbing the foods you eat.



Your brain is highly affected by what you put into your body. Foods like sugar can create inflammation and oxidative stress so it’s important that we make conscious decisions about the food we’re consuming.

60% of our brain is fat! One way to impact your brain and general cell functioning is by choosing (and not limiting) healthy fats. Summary: enhance your intake of Omega 3s and keep those Omega 6s under control.

Fats are what make up cell membranes. When we have healthy cell membranes, our cells can communicate better with one another, they can remove toxins, and get nutrients to our cells more effectively.

And because the brain has high energy requirements, we need to make sure we’re getting the right things in and out. Fats are the foundation. The help to keep us full, nourish the brain, and support every cell in the body.



As simple as this sounds, slowing down to eat our food can have a massive impact on our health. This is the very first step in digestion and can facilitate much of what happens when the food enters our stomach.

As you eat, think about chewing your food thoroughly and consider setting your fork down in between bites. Not only will this help out your digestive system (and ultimately your brain!) but it also helps you become more present in the moment.



For enhanced digestive and brain health (remember, these are highly integrated) practice getting into that chill state. You can read more in the post, 5 Simple Ways to Reduce Stress and Get Back on Track.

A great way Dr. K suggest doing this is by listing something you’re grateful for during your meal.

If you follow me at all, you KNOW I’m crazy about gratitude and the effects it can have on your life. For more information, read How to Use Gratitude to Impact Your Life and Business.


For this step, take a couple deep breaths and just cherish the farmers, the rain, the people, and everything it took to get this food to you.

You can also do a quick meditation by taking a few deep, conscious breaths. These will help ground you in the moment and literally alter the grey matter in the brain (a topic for another post!)

Remember, healthy living CAN be accessible. Focus on one meal of the day to implement these tips and to make them work in your life.

Thanks again to Dr. K for her valuable insights on this topic. To learn more about Dr. K and her work, follow this link.


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