The Power of Declaration |

The Power of Declaration

I can’t believe I’m saying this….

My group coaching starting six FULL months ago.  Holy SH*T!

As we’re coming to an end, I’m reflecting on the power of resetting and reframing.

As a group, we’re putting our goals into the world and taking things a step further: with declaration.

When I first had the idea to start a leadership program, I put myself out on a stretch and declared it LIVE on facebook (on of the most terrifying things I’ve ever done). Once I knew all of my friends and other people had seen it, I had to follow up.

And though this was really scary for me, if I hadn’t declared it, I wouldn’t have done it.

That’s why this week I’m taking you through a few simple steps to step into the power of declaration and go after your next big goal.


Review What’s Behind You

Building a business or other similar program is a BIG deal. You put in so much creative energy, organize and plan everything, and tackle the beast of entrepreneurship. And once you’ve REALLY committed to taking on the next big project, things can feel totally overwhelming.

When you start to feel overwhelm, doubt, or fear I encourage you to take a moment to review. Reflect on everything you’ve done that led you to where you are now. If you’ve been able to accomplish this much then there’s nothing stopping you from this next big thing.

Always take time to celebrate your success! You’ve got this!



Once you’re ready to commit to a goal, tell the people you love about it.

This helps in making the idea a reality as you speak it into existence. It also holds you accountable as you go forth and make it happen. Not only will you have support, but you’ll have tons of people waiting for the next big thing you’re gonna put out!

I used this method when I went on Facebook Live about the program itself! Although I SO nervous before making the announcement, once I’d explained the program to everyone publicly, I had a new incentive to complete the project and was able to visualize the program in its final stages.


Take Aligned Action, The Next Step

It’s important to take action without becoming overwhelmed by #allthethings. So many things might seem important (confession: I’m a to-do list junkie) but can actually be keeping you from your big goal.

When this happens, make a master list and cross out anything that’s not crucial to you reaching your goal. Then schedule everything into your calendar so you can get sh*t done.

For a more in depth post, check out 3 Steps To Accomplish Your Next Big Project.


Find Someone Who Can Hold You Accountable

This can be one of your best friends, but it’s also a really great position for a coach!

With the vision and organization that a coach possess, their feedback and motivation are HUGE assets for keeping you accountable to your dream. Not only will they have incredible tools to get you fast results, they also see the big picture and can help you get right to work on hitting those goals .

If you want me to be that person for you, I’m THRILLED to announce that I’ll be taking new clients on for 1:1 coaching in November. Because of my group coaching programs, this 1:1 opportunity doesn’t happen very often.

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