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3 Productivity Hacks that Give You More Time to Do the Things You Love

As the head honcho of your biz, you’ve got a lot on your plate.

You already know it’s important (with life, business, and food) to fill that plate with balanced components in order to get things done AND spend time doing the things you love.

But as entrepreneurs, it’s easy to let those good things slip so that we’re overworking, overdoing, and totally burnt out.

This week in our group coaching program, we’re addressing this issue head on. We brought in Alyssa Coleman (productivity guru extraordinaire) to talk about her favorite productivity hacks so you can stop doing ALL the things (goodbye burnout!) and spend more time doing what you love.


Play to Your Strengths

Whether your planning a business overhaul or the next project, it’s important to identify your strengths.

Make a list of everything you’ll have to do then highlight anything that feels like a strength. With the remaining items on your list, explore which things stress you out and what you put off. From there, you can address procrastination head on and create a plan to tackle these tasks.

Can you do these things first things in the morning to get them done? What can you delegate? What can you cross off the list completely?


Have a Solid Calendar

If you’re familiar with Alyssa’s work then you know how much she advocates for having a solid calendar.

Anytime you create a to-do list, prioritize things by level of importance then schedule them in right away. Having a calendar will keep you accountable and take the guesswork out of what you should be doing every single day. No more jumping in and out of projects or trying to figure out what’s most important.


High Vibe Workspace

When it comes to getting stuff done, it’s important that your space is totally vibing and feels like an inspiration to you.

Are you on fire while sitting on the train? Does time stand still as you type away in your favorite coffee shop, by the water, in your badass office? Sometimes the energy of a new space is exactly what you need to stop feeling stuck and to get those ideas flowing. Every once in a while, change your workspace and feel how your productivity levels change.


Know Your Big Goal

Productivity isn’t just about getting more done in less time.

To be truly productive, you identify your big goal then find the quickest way to get there. It’s about the path of least resistance! If booking 3 new clients comes from showing up in your groups and facebook communities, don’t get hung up on hashtags and your website banner. Put your energy into the projects that will actually get you toward your end goal.

When it comes to productivity, don’t overthink it. Lean into your strengths, stop trying to do ALL the things, work in an environment that makes you feel good, etc. Remember, it’s about finding the path of least resistance.


And if you’re digging these tips for doing more of what you love, check out this free guide to go from run down to re-inspired!