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4 Major Shifts to Upgrade Your Wellness

4 Major Shifts to Upgrade Your Wellness | AshleyKeefe.comThe past few weeks have been SO MUCH FUN!

For those of you who joined the free video series, you know the interviews have been loaded with brilliant information and accessible ways to take your life to the next level.

If you’re just getting here, I shared highlights from these interviews in the last two posts for you to catch up!

This week, I’m arming up with 4 incredibly simple shifts to help you upgrade your wellness and start seeing the results that you want AND inviting you to dive even deeper and jump in with my NEW 21 day challenge!


Shift #1: Get to Walking

It doesn’t take much to get the physical and mental benefits of exercise nor does it require a fancy gym + lots of equipment. One of my favorite ways to incorporate daily movement (without overthinking the heck out of it) is by going for a walk.

Walking is the unsung hero of physical exercise. Try it for 1 week and I GUARANTEE you’ll see positive changes in your physical, mental, and emotional well being just by moving your body in a simple way.

Here are some easy ways to get walking:

  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
  • Park toward the back of parking lots.
  • Pick up a fancy fitness watch that PINGS when you hit certain goals.

*Quick tip: take your shoes off and put your feet in the grass for an incredibly grounding experience.

To read more about the incredible benefits of walking, check out this post on 3 New Ways To Approach Your Workouts.


Shift #2: Choose, Chew, Chill, and Cherish

One of the biggest tools I used with clients last year was the 4 C method: Choose, Chew, Chill, And Cherish.
Nutrition is about so much more than going on a fad diet and depriving yourself of the things you love. Whether you’re a health nut or just staring out, these steps will help you absorb more of the nutrients from the things you eat.

Here’s the quick run down:

  • Choose healthy fats.
  • Chew your food thoroughly.
  • Chill the heck out and be present.
  • Cherish everyone and everything that contributed to the food you eat.

If you want to go deeper into the four C’s (and be totally mind blown), check out this post on the 4 C’s of Healthy Eating and Brain Function.


Shift #3: Practice Gratitude

Any health or wellness shift MUST be grounded in a positive mindset to be successful. Gratitude is the best way (and my absolute favorite) way to do exactly that.

Not only does gratitude improve our mental health and act as an antidepressant, it also helps to deepen our connection with others. If there is ONE single thing that I could prescribe to every person in this world, it’s to connect with gratitude.

For more information on how gratitude can change your life, check out these posts: The Neuroscience Behind Gratitude and How to Use Gratitude to Impact Your Life.


Shift #4: Create a Habit (and Join the 21-Day Challenge)

While there IS the old saying that it takes 21 days to form a habit, I recognize that sometimes it takes more than that to really ingrain a new habit into your lifestyle.

That said, I do believe that 21 days of accountability and simple, actionable steps can give us the extra UMPH we need to help us reach our goals (and create that lifelong habit).

And because I’m committed to helping you achieve your wellness goals, I’ve created this 21 day challenge where you’ll get short, 5 minute videos with tips on how to incorporate these changes into your day.


Want in? Click here for 21 Days to Transform Your Fitness!


Here are just some of the things you can expect during the challenge:

  • Short, daily emails with videos related to fitness, nutrition, or mindset so that you don’t have to stress about not knowing where to start.
  • How to build your nutrition plate so that when you planning your meals or serving yourself, you know EXACTLY what you need to fill your plate with to leave your feeling energized, vibrant and empowered.
  • Tips on losing body fat so that you can feel frigging awesome putting on those jeans you love.
  • Training your brain so that you focus more on what’s working and less on what’s not working.
  • Eating around workouts to get the most out of your food so that you again, feel empowered to make the food choices that will support you in your goals and can wrap your head around eating more and still losing weight.
  • How to do deep breathing so that you feel less stressed, focused and all around happier (I mean, cmon, who doesn’t want that?)
  • An explanation of bio individuality so that you know that your diet doesn’t have to look like the next persons. EVERYBODY AND EVERY BODY IS DIFFERENT – stop comparing and stop the overwhelm.
  • How to crowd in the good things instead of focusing on the bad because “I love to deprive myself’ said NOBODY EVER!  Let’s talk about adding in good stuff. I promise the not so good stuff will naturally start to fall away.
  • Mindset techniques and tools that you can start to use to make sure the good things you do for your body so that they’re actually sticking so that you have a tool box FULL of mindset tools to help you when you want to sabotage or you hit a wall or think it’s hard.

Remember, we ALL have been through it. My mindfulness teacher would always say “hun, you are not that unique” whenever I would feel like I was the only one suffering some a certain mental affliction. This is why community and support are SO IMPORTANT.

AND these videos will break everything down in simple, actionable steps so that you feel empowered to make lasting change!


Click here for 21 Days to Transform Your Fitness!