Standing at the doorway of a new decade

What’s your new years ritual?  Do you stand at the doorway of a new year and reflect on the year that’s just past or do you focus on the year ahead?

At the turn of this new year, I did both.  I think it’s important to look ahead while also reflecting and honouring where we’ve come from.

So here is the list of questions I asked myself at the turn of this New Year and some of the answers I came up with.  I’d love to hear yours – email me at – making a declaration is another powerful tool to keep you moving towards your goal!

Out with 2019:

-What were my 2 favourite memories?

How can I pick just two? I can’t – so here are a few of my tops.

One of the most powerful events that I attended this year was Tony Robbin’s Unleash the Power Within.  It had been on my bucket list for years and finally, I made it happen. 

Admittedly, I experienced some resistance to showing up … I knew nothing about what to expect other than on the first evening the 13,000 attendees would walk out of the American Airlines Arena in Downtown Miami to walk over fire.  Yup, fire.

While my mind was caught all day in stories of fear, we were coached to face our fears and take the next step anyways.  Did I do it?  You bet your ass I did!  And on the other side of the fire, I felt like I was a new person.  I person that could look fear right in the eye and step forwards anyways. 

It was an exhilarating experience.

Another one of my favourite memories was getting the opportunity to visit Ireland, home of my ancestors on my dad’s side.  As we drove through County Cork, I thought to myself, my family, traced back to 902 AD, settled on these lands.  I felt a sense of home that’s a bit inexplicable but totally palpable.  It’s a country rich in history and definitely worth the visit!

Ouuu, I can’t forget taking my mom, who has been living in the US for 22 years to see Michelle Obama in Montreal, where I grew up.  The house was packed (so packed my mom and I were sitting in the VERY last row of the Bell Center). What an insightful, beautiful and strong example for people everyone of what’s possible as you walk through challenge.

Seeing Jerry Seinfeld do stand up was pretty stand up too!

Getting asked my Merrithew to do another photoshoot with their company, promoting pilates and wellness practices (photo)

-What are 3 things I’m grateful for?

Making it to the 11th anniversary of my Modo Yoga studio and getting to celebrate the 15th anniversary of our Modo Yoga community with a beautiful retreat in the Laurentians in Quebec in October – how about those colours!? 

Visiting with dear friends who own a cottage in the Laurentians as well – cmon! how about that lake! (photo)

Having a flexible enough schedule to travel as much as I did (Ireland, San Diego x3, Miami, Montreal x3, the Laurentians, Quebec x2, Ottawa) and booking a trip to Sun Valley Idaho, Costa Rica to lead my retreat and Portugal in the first three months of 2020!

-What is 1 (or maybe many) hard lessons I learned?

While I consider myself extroverted in many respects, I have a deep introverted quality and I experience a lot of nerves when I am putting myself out on a limb.  Launching my three online shows in the last 2 years and then launching a 6 month coaching program was crazy AF.  It forced me to look at where I hide and to look my story of “I’m not good enough” right in the face…and like I learned when walking over fire, to take the next step and do it anyways.  I’ve learned to embrace discomfort because I now see it as an indicator that I am on the brink of change.

-What is 1 (or maybe many) things I’m proud of myself for?

I love this question because these things can get lost in the days of the year and forgotten about but listed them out brought back the sense of accomplishment I felt at completed each of these:

-I ran two 10K races (one of them in the snow…and as a non-runner, I would much prefer to run in the sun)

-I did two 10-day total body cleanses

-I went to three business masterminds in San Diego with my business coach

-I completed a 3-day and a 1-day silent Vipassana retreat

-I hosted two of my most favoured teachers, Jessica Robertson and Frank Jude Boccio at my yoga studio in Waterloo to share their deep knowledge of yogic practices with our community. 

-My photoshoot with Merrithew

-Being interviewed on two podcasts (you can check them out at the links below!)

In with 2020:

-What are 3 places I want to go?

Well I’ve got three places already booked as mentioned above (Sun Valley, Idaho to ski, Nosara Costa Rica to lead a retreat, and Portugal to golf and visit wine country) in January, February, March.  In August, I have a family reunion in PEI, where 300+ Keefe’s from all over the world unite and hang out for the weekend.    Other places I want to go: Bali, India, on an Alaskan cruise.

-What are the ways that I can help others this year?

I’m going to be teaching yoga for New Leaf Foundation to incarcerated youth, something I did for over two years several years back.  It’s a profound experience to teach youth how to manage their breath and regulate their emotions and especially youth who would otherwise not have access to these practices.

I am going to get back to volunteering in the summer for Habitat for Humanity building homes for those in need.  

-What is something(s) I want to get better at?

I’m 100% committed to dusting of my language neural pathways and getting back to reading and watching movies in French AND Spanish.

-What am I looking forward to?

-Skiing in Idaho

-Leading my retreat in Costa Rica

-Going to visit my family in Portugal

-Doing another three day silent retreat

-My family reunion in PEI

-What are at least 3 new things I am planning to try?

Ouuu…what have I NOT tried yet? There are a few things I’m going to “try again” 


-Reading a book in French

-Launching a nutrition program


This practice not only reminded me of all the amazing things I accomplished last year but helped me lay a solid foundation for an amazing 2020 ahead!

Tell me some of yours in the comments or email me at