Dynamic Greens Wheatgrass

Without question, great food contributes to your well being and helps you obtain and sustain a vibrant life.

Your body creates 25 million new cells every day.  That is over 9 billion brand new cell each year.  Those cells are created only from what you eat, breathe and drink. Food is the cornerstone of great health and you need the best you can get.  What you do today can benefit you 25 million times tomorrow.

Grasses are the foundational food for land based life. What makes them unique is that they are singularly life sustaining. This is clearly demonstrated by the wide range of animals that exist solely on grasses. There is nothing at any health food or grocery store that can make the same claim.

Wheatgrass is the early growth stage of the common wheat plant.  Wheatgrass is the preferred type of grass because it provides the best balance of nutrition, taste, yield and growability.

The best wheatgrass is grown outdoors with full sun, soil, air and natural rain.  It must be grown from untreated non-GMO seed and it myst be chemical free, herbicide free and pesticide free.

Harvesting takes place when the plant is at its nutritional peak.  It is 7-11 inches tall and has accumulated growth energy which the plant will use to power rapid growth, jointing and flowering into grain.

Juicing it allows capturing this growth energy. It is easy to digest, readily absorbed and therefore biologically available to us humans. We need it juiced because unlike animals, humans cannot digest grass fibre on its own.

Look forward to hopping out of bed in the morning, enjoying your work day, dusting off your bicycle for a ride and having that family BBQ again?  Try adding this incredible product into your life.  Drink it in water or hide it in a smoothie and know you are getting some of the highest quality nutrition out there, sourced from naturally grown plants in prime condition.

You can now reap the benefits of a broad range of antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, colloidal minerals, essential fatty acids and enzymes.

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