Challenge: Ask Five Friends What Your Greatest Strengths Are |

Challenge: Ask Five Friends What Your Greatest Strengths Are

In the busy world of entrepreneurship, it’s easy to fixate on the things that we can’t do or control, causing us to lose sight of our past successes.

If you find yourself feeling discouraged or in need of a reminder of what makes you so freakin’ awesome, try asking the experts: your friends!

Today, I challenge you to ask five of your best buds what they think your biggest strengths are.

Over the last few years, my friends’ feedback has helped me focus on what I CAN do instead of what I can’t.

I’ve found this method to be enlightening, humbling, and a great way to regain the confidence I need to keep pursuing my goals. In fact, it’s so effective that I’ve incorporated this into my own group coaching program!

Here’s how it works:


Step One: Reach Out to Your Community

Get in touch with at least five friends (the more, the merrier) via email, text, or any platform of your choosing. Tell them about the #mygreateststrengths challenge and ask for their honest feedback. After that, encourage them to do the same and keep this positivity flowing!

And if you’re really feeling these vibes, go ahead and share this post to FB (you never know who might pick it up!)


Step Two: Make a List

As you begin to get feedback, compile the answers in a list so that you can look back on all the affirmations in one place. There’s something so simple and gratifying about writing everything down.


Step Three: Reflect

Once you’ve gathered all of the answers, take a minute to reflect on all the strengths that your friends see in you. Do you notice any recurring traits? What were they?


Step Four: What Surprised You?

Did you receive any answers that you didn’t expect? For example, did any of your friends applaud you for things that you had previously thought yourself to be lacking in? Did someone say you were a great public speaker despite your chronic stage fright? Consider how others may be judging you differently than how you judge yourself, and seeing strengths where you were sure you were seeing weaknesses.


Step Five: Consider Your Daily Schedule

Review your everyday to-do list and consider which of your tasks align with your strengths and which ones seem to be outside of your comfort zone.

Doing this can help you decide which things on your list could be delegated elsewhere or approached in a way that allows you to best employ your greatest strengths. You’ll be able to see clearly which areas harness opportunity for growth and create a plan to workshop those areas WHILE also cultivating what you’re already fabulous at!

Total win win!


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